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Company overview

Buenavista Renewables (“Buenavista”) is comprised of a group of seasoned renewable and conventional energy professionals with wide experience in México, the Philippines, China, and numerous other emerging markets. Buenavista Renewables creatively employs innovative financial and technical expertise to develop renewable and conventional energy projects in unique and challenging markets.

Renewable energy solutions

Buenavista offers utility-scale and distributed generation solutions according to the specific needs of each client. Buenavista is aware that the potential off-takers have unique characteristics and in response to that, we carefully design the best solution available to satisfy our clients.

Why Renewable Energy?

Environmental consciousness with economic sense

  • According to United Nations information, energy is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for ~60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • With BVR you can contribute to the environment with no money down.

Why Buenavista?

Volatility  Savings

  • Fossil fuel based power generation is inherently volatile and exposed to external factors
  • BVR offers savings and price stability through a custom made renewable energy solution
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Meet our team

Alan Yuan

Principal - Strategy

José Ruiz

Principal - Business Development

Dean G. Hull

Principal - Structured Finance

L.D. Wood-Hull

Principal - Operations

Chris Lee

Principal - Project Finance

Jesus Ruiz

Director - Operations

Jude Pasasadaba

Director of Business Development - Asia-Pacific

Liliana Reyes

Director - Technical Services & Engineering

Arturo Gómez

Director - Capital Markets

Gladies Medrana

Sr. Renewable Energy Engineer

Pedro Olivas

Sr. PV Designer

Alejandro Jaramillo

Director of Development, Mexico

Galla Galanza-Diaz

Manager - Business Development, Philippines

Gian Carlo Apolis

PV Designer

Work with us

If you want to be part of the Buenavista team, please send us your CV to: jobs@bvrenewables.com.

If we have any open position that suits to your profile, we will get in contact with you.